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Babies photograph best within the first week of life. They are the most moldable (for those cute positions) and they startle less! Plus, your going to want to capture that newness, that rapidly changes every passing day.  Really, it's incredible how quickly they change, this is a moment you'll want to relive, forever.

I can help with that. 

When you arrive at the studio, I will ensure a thorough hand wash and get right into action!   I work very efficiently and have an entire workflow that I use.  The studio will be at 80 degrees at all times to ensure our baby/babies are nice and warm, since they are naked a portion of the time. Each baby is different and will not always do every single pose we hope, but I've yet to disappoint. :)   

Babies photograph best within the first week of life. 

I'm honored when my work is  featured on blogs, print and webpages!

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AFNS Speciality Award 2019

"In a digital world, our most prized possessions are photos of the family. They're pure gold!"

"Maple Photography felt like an extension of our family ... it was like hanging out with friends!"

"Their unique approach left me in tears ... they captured our true, messy, love-filled life!"

Most families invest an average of $1,200 on their session in total. Each session includes 1-2 hours of photography and viewing of online images in a password protected album.  There you can order digitals, prints, albums and wall art.  All delivered directly to your home from my professional lab with loving care.

Newborn sessions starting at $350


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